Chiang Mai Clean City

Chiang Mai is facing various environmental issues such as air pollution and lack waste management. In particular, during the dry season, the smog caused by various aspects such as, transportation, heavy industry, construction and agricultural burning in surrounding areas. Additionally, the lack waste management problem is severe, as the lack of waste disposal facilities leads to waste accumulation and issues such as mold and pests. Deforestation also causes problems such as soil erosion and water pollution.

These causes and effects are especially very damaging to human’s health and well-being. Air pollution, in which the invisible particles in the air can penetrate and damage our cells and organs, can lead to far greater diseases and illnesses and in some cases, can, unfortunately lead to fatality.


To address these issues, effort is needed to solve air pollution, lack of waste management and deforestation by raising awareness. To this, the Hope Connections Foundation has been conducting road clean-up and awareness-raising campaigns in various areas every three months for the past three years. However, to solve air pollution problems, various organizations and campaigns will be brought together to promote forest protection, establish waste separation facilities, and raise public awareness of the environment in general.