Omkoi School Roof Project​

Hope Connections Foundation is about taking education seriously, one of the ways we can do this by providing support and infrastructure for local schools that may not have access to resources and funds to complete these projects. Our Omkoi School Roof Project will help the school to pay for roof repairs that have been carried out by a local supplier. The supplier has graciously completed the work and has allowed the school credit until they can repay the debt. Currently, we have several schools and communities, that we are completing projects with in 2017.

The foundation team visited a school approximately 120 km away from Chiang Mai, on the way to Mae Sarieng. The school has 250 students, from kindergarten through grade 9, with a boarding house for students and teachers from up to 50 kms away to stay onsite during the week. They have 20 teachers and some other ancillary staff.

The school has several well maintained buildings bordering a fairly dry and sparsely grassed football field. Recently, storms passed through the area and caused significant damage to one of the two story building’s roofs. The school has worked with a local supplier to repair the damaged areas, but this extraordinary expense will need to be repaid. Our project proposal is to work with the school to raise funds to clear the debts to the local supplier, who completed repairs, so the school could function as normal. Thankfully, the supplier could help in this way.

Hope Connections Foundation project will involve fundraising to repay the school’s debt to the local supplier. Sometimes deals like this occur and the local supplier gives a discount for the school. This project proposal costing is approximately USD$1000 or 112,000 KRW.


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