Police region 5 english language corner

Police region 5 english language corner

The Regions 5 Police based in Chiang Mai but serving 8 northern provinces of Thailand invited Hope Connections Foundation to teach and practice English Language with their officers.

Location: Northern Thailand

English is very important to policing in Northern Thailand due to the large number of tourists and expats 

  • Accidents and situations with foreigners in Thailand
  • Future employment opportunities
  • More effective communications
  • Ability to communicate effectively

Their needs

  • Educational materials
  • English pronunciation assistance
  • Communication and promotion tools

Efforts to Solve Problems

  • Weekly English Corner Activities
  • Extra activities as requested by participants
  • Attendance and welcoming at regional gatherings
  • Promotional campaigns

Ultimate goals

Regional Staff being proficient in English and able to effectively communicate for promotion of Policing in the region to all stakeholders.

Photo by Hope Connections Foundation