School Community Hall Project

Multi Purpose Meeting Building

Amper Galyani Wattana, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Scale: 250㎡

Project period: Feb, 20, 2019-Oct. 15. 2019

Budget: 1,080,000 Baht Donated from Korean Family


Motive for building

Hope Connections Foundation and the school have been partnering and helping for years.

Short-term volunteers from various countries have visited the school for many years.

  • School has 650 students from kindergarten to high school
  • There are about 120 students in the dormitory.
  • Students have been meeting, teaching, and playing music in an old wooden dining room that is more than 20 years old.
  • However, the wooden restaurant is old and difficult to use for meetings and education.
  • They needed a place for a variety of activities and education, and the Foundation met with parents, school officials and teachers, and helped build a place for a variety of activities and education in the school.

The Foundation coordinated with the principal from the architectural design to the final construction, and invited the people, locals and officials who volunteered for open ceremony.