School Dormitory Replacement

Northwest Chiang Mai School Dormitory Replacement Project

The immediate need is replacement of the old school dormitory located on school property, which is dilapidated and in need of rebuild as repairs will need be sufficient and provide enough accommodation for boarding students from areas around the district. There are approximately 600 students in the school with 31 teachers. The school was built 54 years ago and the dormitory around 20 years ago. This school is the only one in the region which caters for students up to Grade 12. There are 3 other locals schools that are only until lower levels.

The School Dormitory

Many schools in rural Thailand have a school dormitory for various reasons, including boarding and housing for students to attend school at higher grades than their village schools. Many village schools will have limited resources and may only go to 4th or 6th grades. So parents these days see the need their children to have a much level of education and that can not be found locally. Another reason is some children can not continue to live with their parents due to financial constraints and limited family and community support structures, so they are sent to board at the school where they can be looked after and get better opportunities in their education. The last reason is the children may have lost their parents and the extended family may not be able to assist and the school dormitory is a much better option than others.

School dormitories are actually supervised by school teachers who may also live outside of the local area and who live on campus during the school week or term.

Current School Dormitory Circumstances

The 20 year old wooden building houses 40 students and during the rainy season leaks and makes it difficult for the kids and causes more health problems. The wood paneling has deteriorated and water gets in easily. Many students currently boarding are from over 100 kilometres away, and many have no living immediate family and are living with relatives. The school has good moral teaching and is wanting to create leaders with character to build up Thailand. The socio-economic standards in the surrounding districts are very low, with most families farming small land holdings and other basic agricultural activities.

Expected budget approximately 500,000 baht. You can make donations to this project directly here or at our Donations page